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Who We Are

ABOUT AkCuisine 

AKCuisine Crew

Alaska's Premier Caterers

At AKCuisine, we take great pride in serving our clients and their guests. With over 20 years combined Professional Culinary experience, AKCuisine offers an exquisite list of dishes to serve at your event.

From the banquet to the presentation, the quality of our service speaks for itself. AKCuisine's dedication to fine dining and attention to detail is why we have served thousands of Alaskans.

We Welcome You to Enjoy Our Hospitality.


Every piece of planning includes details, we know that very well. Our expert team loves to reduce planning stress and help create a catering masterpiece. From the colors to the menu, we take our culinary cues from you. The flow of the buffet line to the food combinations should not just highlight food but add the perfect amenity for any occasions.


For every event, we help you plan your meal with the confidence your guests' appetites will be satisfied. We strive to ensure excellence for each event to satisfy you the customer as well. Our talented chefs prepare each meal with close attention to flavor and to ensure expedited service.


We know satisfying your guests is at the top of the list for your event. Indulge their palates with a variety of flavors and pairings. Dessert trays are not only a way to win over stomachs but hearts as well.



Want to Ensure a Memorable Event
Leave the message in the meal.In some cultures, eating meals together can signify an outward expression of collaboration.